ROUND UP: Awesome Halloween costumes

Halloween is only 12 days away! Here are 14 creatively awesome Halloween costumes that all involve food! Check ’em out…

14 Awesome food related Halloween costumes


1. Kid sushi costume

Food related halloween costumes

2. Bunch of grapes

3. Slice of pizza

Handmade Halloween costumes

4. Starbucks

DIY Starbucks halloween costume

5. Vegetable costumes

6. Donuts

DIY donut costume

7. Slurpees

Food related halloween costumes

8. S’mores

9. Candy Land

10. Spice Girls

Awesome Halloween costumes

11. Baby sushi costume

12. Dog Hostess costume

Awesome Halloween costumes

13. Jelly Belly costume

Awesome Halloween costumes

14. French baker

DIY french baker costume





PETS: DIY pinata costume

Studio DIY likes to create fun costumes for their cute little chihuahua and last year sweet little Bella dressed up as a (very fitting) pinata!  To create your own little pinata you’ll need to get some different colors of crepe paper, cut them into fringe then hot glue them to a regular dog sweater.  Grab a mini sombrero hat and your pup is ready for a Halloween fiesta!

DIY pinata costume


Read more about this DIY pinata costume at Studio DIY and an adult pinata costume can be found here.

KIDS: DIY Jesse and Slinky Dog Costumes

I wasn’t sure if I should file this one under pets, kids, or groups! So, it’s officially under all 3 labels! Sherry from Young House Love made her beloved kids, Clara and pup, Burger a DIY Jesse and Slinky dog costumes from the movie, Toy Story. A pair of jeans got some white duck tape cow spots and Sherry made a simple giant yarn braid and attached it to a cowboy hat for Jesse. Burger the pup got a felt, no sew slinky wrap.

DIY jesse and Slinky dog costumes

See all of the Jesse and Slinky dog costume deets over at Young House Love. Oh and if you’re looking for more handamde Toy Story costumes, here’s another version of Toy Story Jesse and Mr Potato Head.

Mexican inspired handmade costumes

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In honor of Cinco de Mayo we are featuring 4 Mexican inspired handmade costumes!

Mexican inspired costumesThe first is an adorable little Frida Kahlo costume by Oh happy Day. Frida Kahol was a was a Mexican painter, who is best known for her self-portraits (more info on Wikipedia).You’ll need clip on Flowers, eyeliner pencil, earrings, scarf, and a dress for this costume. See all of the Frida Kahol inspired costume deets on Oh Happy Day!

Handmade Mexican inspired costumes

And the second Mexican inspired costume, is a traditional Mexican serape costume made by Evolution of a Party.

Mexican inspired handmade costumes

When I think pinata, I think Mexico! (Although, after a little research, it sounds like pinatas might have originated in China!) You can view all of the DIY pinata costume details here.

Mexican inspired handmade costume

And the last one is for the pups! How cute is this dog costume in a tiny serape! Perfect for a happy Hallo-Weenie, ha!

Mexican inspired handmade costumes


Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends!

PETS: DIY Sushi dog costume

Oh my cuteness! Stacie from The Flirty Blog is at is again, and this time with a DIY sushi dog costume. (She is also the mastermind behind the chia pet dog costume!) She made a white dog bib and covered a small cardboard box (a rice or marconi box would work out well for a small pup) with pink-ish paper, add some wasabi, ginger, chop sticks, and soy sauce and your pooch is ready to go!

DIY sushi dog costume

Oh and if you like the sushi dog costume, you’ll love the DIY baby sushi costume made from a onesie!

Chia Pet Costume

Stacie from The Flirty Blog is a DIY pet costume pro! She made a chia pet costume for her dog, genius!  She did it with plastic aquarium plants and felt. Best of all, she said her pup liked it! Look at those adorable little terra cotta pot legs!

DIY pet Halloween costumes

See the full handmade chia pet dog costume at The Flirty Blog.

PETS: DIY Dog Whisperer Costume

This is one of the most creative pet costumes I’ve ever seen! Stacie from the The Flirty Blog turned her pooch into Cesar Milan, AKA the Dog Whisperer! She even got invited to the Today Show because of her DIY Dog Whisperer Costume!

DIY dog whisperer costume

See all the DIY Dog Whisper costume and Today Show deets at the The Flirty Blog.

PETS: DIY Hostess Pet Costume

Sew Doggy Style turned her pooch into a hostess cupcake! This DIY Hostess pet costume is so cute I want to take a bite! There is a complete tutorial on how to sew the brown dog “coat” and then you just paint on a Hostess swirl. Voila!


See the full Hostess cupcake dog costume tutorial at Sew Doggy Style.

PETS: DIY Hot Dog Pet Costume

Caron yarns crafted up this adorable DIY hot dog pet costume for Fido. I love the mustard. If it’s cold in October, your pooch might really appreciate this soft, snuggly coat on Halloween night!

diy hot dog pet costume

You can find the crochet pattern and material list for the DIY hot dog costume at Caron yarns.