ADULTS: DIY Operation game costume

I know you remember the board game, Operation, and that crazy loud “Bzzzzz” when you touch your operating stick to the side of the game while trying to extract a bone!

2 DIY Operation Game Costumes

Whether you are looking for a couples costume or a solo costume, here are two fun DIY Operation game costumes ideas for you to try.

1. DIY Couples Operation Costumes

Love game board and being comfortable? This couples costume is for you! Would you rather wear scrubs as the operator be the Operation game board in a grey sweat suit?

Operation couples costume

2. Easy DIY Operation Costume

This Arizona women turned herself into a living board game with a skin colored shirt and tights. She cut out bones and organs from car stock and attached them to her clothes. Don’t forget the red nose and your extractor tool!

DIY Operation game costume

KIDS: DIY Candy Crush costume

Raise your hand if you are obsessed with the game, Candy Crush Saga? Never heard of it? Where have you been, ha! (Read more about Candy Crush Saga here.) Alpha Mom and her kiddos used 2 pieces of cardboard, paint and duct tape (as the straps) to craft up this really awesome costume!

DIY Candy Crush costume


See lots more pictures and the full DIY Candy Crush costume tutorial here.

ADULT: DIY Scrabble costume

Here’s a clever Halloween costume… a DIY Scrabble costume! It looks like Sara sewed her own dress and used card board letters to spell out the Scrabble words, but I think this could be done no sew too! If you could find a cheap white dress, you could use paint pens, duck tape or iron on fabric to create boxes. Then just write in your “double word scores” and spell out your words! I like that Sara’s scrabble costume even makes a political statement!

DIY scrabble costume


See more details at Sara’s blog, Feeding the soil.

ADULT: Handmade Rubiks cube costume

I love the rubik’s cube! I wish I could say I can do the whole cube, but that would be lying. I can, however, do one side really good and really fast, ha! Emily turned her husband into a life size rubik’s cube with a cardboard box, spray paint, felt, and a hot glue gun. I for one, am super duper impressed! Oh and I love that this costume could easily be made for a kid too. Another fun idea, would be to make the squares velcro so that you could actually move them around!


Handmade Rubiks cube costume

To see the detailed handmade rubiks cube costume tutorial check out Emily’s blog, The Benson Street. Be sure to check back next week because we’ll have a new costume tutorial every day next week!

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