5 handmade sushi costumes

If you’re a sushi lover, here’s the perfect costume for you! Best of all, we’ve rounded up 5 handmade sushi costumes perfect for every member of the family, including your pooch! Check ’em out:

DIY sushi costumes for everyone!

1. DIY sushi kid costume

DIY Sushi costume


2. Handmade sushi costume for a dog:

DIY sushi dog costume

3. Sushi costume for a baby:

handmade baby costume

4. DIY Sushi costume for a child:

Handmade Halloween costumes

5. DIY adult sushi costume:

DIY Sushi costume


ADULTS: DIY Medusa costume

Morena’s Corner crafted up this awesome DIY Medusa costume for herself! The snake hair is actually jsut made out of a headband! She found large and small snakes and used chenille pipe cleaners to attach them to a sturdy headband. Check your local Dollar Store for toy snakes! Then, all you’ll need is a white sheet to wrap around your body in toga form! Easy and awesome.

DIY Medusa costume


See all of the DIY Medusa costume details and pictures here.

KIDS: DIY spiderman costume

Heather crafted up this awesome spiderman costume for her son. The diy spiderman costume is a 3 piece costume: a mask, body suit and gauntlets. The costume is mostly made out of felt and craft paint! And best of all, this is a new sew costume! Heather has the step by step tutorial on her blog, Twin dragonfly deigns.

DIY spiderman costumeSee lots more DIY spiderman costume pictures and full tutorial at Twin dragonfly designs.

KIDS: DIY nun costume

Making a DIY nun costume is cheap and easy! You can make the black robe form ant piece of black fabric, just cut a whole for the head and add a rope at the waist. A white bib is perfect for around the neck! You can use a black pillow case for the head piece!

DIY nun costumeSee lots more easy kid costumes at Parents.com.

KIDS: Aggie band costume

If you live in Texas and care about football at all, I’m sure you have heard of the Texas A&M Aggies! Quotes of a boy mom helped her sno dress up as an Aggie band member for Halloween! The Aggie band costume is perfect because you can utilize clothes you already have. Here’s what she said, “He’s wearing his own khaki pants, belt & shoes. The shirt is a modified Boy Scout shirt with free patches from the Corps uniform store and a homemade name tag & cording on his shoulder. The hat came from the local Military Depot. His toy trumpet is decorated with a felt flag I made myself!”

Aggie band costume


For more pictures and details, check out Quotes of a boy mom.

ADULT: DIY troll doll costume

Troll Dolls were one of my favorite toys from back in my childhood (the 80’s and 90’s to be exact) and when I saw Stephanie from Beautiful Mess dressed up as one last year I had to applaud her for her originality.  She did a great job creating her costume and it can easily be recreated using hair color spray (or a wig), a nude leotard, colorful tutu and a piece of satin fabric cut to make a jewel to cover your belly button.

 DIY troll doll costume

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