DIY Donut Costume

Happy national donut day! In honor of the big day, we’re celebrating with 3 really awesome diy donut costumes for kids and adults!

3 DIY Donut costumes made out of innertubes

Cheryl made this donut costume out of an inner tube and paint.  She said the hardest things about it was finding an inner tube in late October! (Here’s an inner tube that would work great from for $6!) See the full tutorial on her blog, New House to Home.

DIY donut costume

Craftster has a really awesome donut video you can watch here. They also make the donut costume with an inner tube and spray paint. Make sure to use spray paint that works on plastic!

DIY donut costume

Here’s another version of a handmade donut costume also made from an inner tube, but worn around the waste with a t-shirt that says Dunkin’ Donuts!

DIY donut costume

Happy donut day!


  1. […] 4. DIY Donut Costumes – This quick costume utilizes an inflatable inner tube and paint. You can either wear the tube around your neck or around your waist. The coffee cup headband is cute an added bonus! See the 2 donut costume variations at Really Awesome Costumes. […]