BABIES: DIY Where’s Waldo costume

Make it and Love it whipped up a simple, adorable DIY Where’s Walkdo costume for her baby! All you need is a white onesie, jeans, white beanie, black rimmed glasses and felt! You can make it less than an hour, y’all!

DIY Where's Waldo costume

See lots more cute Waldo pictures and the complete tutorial here.

BABIES: Baby Bob Ross Costume

Do you remember the awesome painter with his own TV show on PBS? He painted happy little trees and happy little clouds? Jamie crafted up a baby Bob Ross costume for your sweet little one! All you will need to buy or make is a brown, curly wig and a paint pallet!

Baby Bob Ross Costume


For the complete baby Bob Ross costume tutorial check out C.R.A.F.T.

COUPLES: DIY royal wedding costumes

Babies dressed up as Prince William and Princess Kate… does it get any cuter?! Gina is the mastermind behind these adorable kid costumes! Baby Princess Kate just needs a white lacy dress and veil and Prince William needs a red coat with felt additions and a pair of black pants. No shoes necessary!

DIY royal wedding costumes


See more of Gina’s amazing work on her photography website or follow her on instagram.

KIDS: DIY Maklemore costume

Chandra crafted up a DIY Halloween costume based on the popular song, Thrift Store, for her little one! The key piece to the DIY Maklemore costume is of course, a fur coat! The gold chain is a must too.

DIY Maklemore costume

See lots more pictures and costume details at Oh Lovely Day.

KIDS: DIY hipster costume

Oh Happy Day put together a creative DIY hipster costume for a kiddo!  The key to the hipster costume is temporary tattoos and glasses! Most everything else you can probably find in your kids closet. It’s just a matter of putting it all together!

DIY hipster costume


For the complete DIY hipster costume tutorial, click here.

COUPLES: DIY grumpy old couple costume

You definitely need a little attitude to pull off Morena’s Corner’s grumpy old man and woman costume! Pick up most of the pieces you need at a local thrift store. For the man, all you need is a vintage button-down and trousers; to make the look more authentic, leave the fly down and pull a little bit of the shirt through. For the woman, an old house coat or dress works fine. She used bubble wrap to create curves in all the right places!

DIY Grumpy Old Couple


KIDS: DIY marathon costume

Get your little one on the exercise train early with a DIY marathon costume! I love that you probably have mpst of the things to make this costume on hand! You’ll just need work out wear… and the sweat bands are a must! Then pin a number card to the kiddos chest and back and voila… marathon costume complete!

DIY Marathon costume


(Image course: American Apparel)

BABIES: DIY gnome costume

This DIY gnome costume won the grand prize in the Mom365 costume contest! The great part about this costume is that it is actually pretty simple to put together. You will need a red hat with crazy white eyebrows and a white beard to match. Felt is the perfect, inexpensive material for this. And then a plaid shirt, suspenders, and jeans will do the rest. Of course the pot and felt flower add a lot of cuteness too!

DIY gnome costume


COUPLES: Mrs. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus costumes

I don’t know about y’all, but I love Ms. Frizzle and the awesome adventures she takes her class on in the Magic School Bus! Julia whipped up this really awesome Mrs. Frizzle dress and made her significant other the magic school bus with a yellow tee and an iron on transfer of a bus. Genius! I love that Julia made the sun and planets removable so that she could get more use out of her dress after Halloween is over!

Clever DIY couple costume


See more of the Mrs. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus costumes details on her blog, Stars and Sunshine!

KIDS: DIY cowboy costume

If your little man is wanting to be a cowboy for Halloween then this DIY cowboy costume from Dana Made It is perfect!  All you need to make is the vest which is made entirely of felt (sew it or use no-sew adhesive) and then dress your little guy up in jeans, plaid button down, boots and a cowboy hat to top it all off.  He’ll be the perfect little sheriff in no time!

DIY cowboy costume

Go see the full tutorial with pictures at Dana Made It