KIDS: DIY penny costume

Art Can’t Hurt whipped up this super cute DIY penny costume for her son. The best part is that this costume is made out of recycled materials. She used a large cardboard circle and cut out cardboard letters for the penny details. Abraham Lincoln has a brown felt beard, and she used bronzer to give his face a copper tone. Part your hair on the side and wear a gold toned coat and voila penny costume!

DIY penny costume

For more DIY penny costume details check out Art Can’t Hurt! Oh and if you’re looking for more money costume ideas, here is a cute mom and baby bag of money and robber costume!


BABIES: Bag of Money

Ashley from Domestic Imperfection made this cute little bag of money out of a pillow case! She added a draw string and money sign to the pillow case, and crafted up the cash out of felt. I also love that Ashley turned herself into a robber! What an awesome mother/ baby costume!

Homemade bag of money costume

Check out all of the money bag and robber costume details at Domestic Imperfection.