COUPLES: Jim and Pam (from the Office)

If you love the TV show, The Office, why not dress up like some of the characters! Here’s a great Jim and Pam costume! For Jim, you’ll just need a white button down, a striped tie, and 3 hole punches! Here’s a clip form that episode, in case you don’t remember!

Jim and pam costume


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COUPLES: DIY Price is Right costumes

Who doesn’t love the game show, Price is Right? Here is a fun and easy Price is Right couple costume idea… Make the price board out of cardboard and paint. Craft up a t-shirt and make sure to add the yellow price tag shaped name tag! To be Drew Carey, wear a suit, bow tie, black rimmed glasses, and make sure your rocking a goatee and a microphone!

DIY Price is Right costumes(Image source)


COUPLES: Saved by the bell costume

As a child of the 90’s, I loved the TV show, Saved by the Bell! This Saved by the Bell costume would be a simple couples costume would be pretty easy to throw together last minute. For the Kelly costume, if you have long brown hair, your one stop ahead of the gang! Then raid your closet  for a jean jacket and a tight floral skirt. As for Zach, a pair of acid washed jeans and a striped tee doest he trick! If nothing else, take a trip to a thrift store for some awesome 90s clothes. That giant portable phone is a must for the Zach Morris costume!

Saved by the bell costumes(Image source)


COUPLES: DIY Rainbow Brite and Twink

Pink Suede Shoe sewed the most adorable twink costume you’ll ever see! And then she dressed up as Rainbow Brite for a super cute mother/ daughter Halloween costume! The twink costume consists of rainbow leggings, a red onesie, and a hand sewn fluffy cloud! Pink Suede Shoes used Simplicity pattern 2288 combined a pumpkin costume with the hood of lamb! She has all of the details, pictures, and complete instructions to make your very own DIY Rainbow Brite and twink costumes over at Pink Suede Shoe!

DIY twink costume

BABIES: DIY Charlie Brown

How cute is Baby Gray in his DIY Charlie Brown costume?! The Gray Matters whipped up this super easy costume by using fabric paint to paint black zig-zags on a yellow t-shirt. The black shorts, yellow socks, and brown baby loafers make up the rest. The best thing about it is that all of these pieces can be worn again the other 364 days of the year.

DIY Charlie Brown

If you like Charlie Brown, here is another easy no-sew option!

COUPLES: I love Lucy costumes

Lovely indeed whipped up these Ricky and Lucy costumes from I Love Lucy! The suit and tie for Ricky is a must and Lucy must have the iconic hairstyle, apron, red lip stick, and those perfectly arched eyebrows! Then, just craft up a heart sign that says, “I Love Lucy”, just in case the party goers are still a little confused.


I love Lucy costumes

COUPLES: Mrs. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus costumes

I don’t know about y’all, but I love Ms. Frizzle and the awesome adventures she takes her class on in the Magic School Bus! Julia whipped up this really awesome Mrs. Frizzle dress and made her significant other the magic school bus with a yellow tee and an iron on transfer of a bus. Genius! I love that Julia made the sun and planets removable so that she could get more use out of her dress after Halloween is over!

Clever DIY couple costume


See more of the Mrs. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus costumes details on her blog, Stars and Sunshine!

GROUPS: Captain Planet costumes

Group Halloween costumes are always fun! And here’s one that brings back the good ol’ memories of Saturday morning cartoons. I used to love Captain Planet! I mean after all, Captain Planet and his Planeteers make recycling cool! Each person needs a different colored t-shirt, khaki shorts, and or course a big chunky ring! Captain planet needs green hair, red cape a giant gold belt buckle! Check out this picture of the cartoon characters for more ideas of what to wear.


Captain planet costume

Image via here.

KIDS: No sew Elmo costume


McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam crafted up this really awesome no sew Elmo costume for her adorable little girl. She used a red long sleeve shirt, red sweat pants, and fabric glue for the Elmo suit. The headband is just feathers, felt, and hot glue… I love it! Oh and if you live where it’s cold for Halloween, this is absolutely perfect!

No sew elmo costume

See tons more cute pictures and a complete tutorial over at Girl Love Glam.

KIDS: Handamde Gator Boys Costumes

Have you every heard of the show Gator Boys? For those of you that don’t know, it comes on Animal Planet and it’s about “two extraordinary alligator trappers who risk injury and death to hand-capture nuisance alligators that have invaded the back yards, swimming pools, garages and bedrooms of Florida Everglades residents.” Kimberly from a A Night Owl whipped up these awesome handmade Gator Boys costumes for her kiddos since they love the show! The costume is no sew and involves just a little painting a crafting up an alligator tooth necklace and cowboy hat. Camouflage pants and a blue bandana and your all set!


Gator boys costume

See more pictures and a full tutorial at A Night Owl.