PETS: Wonder Bread Dog Costume

Not only is this dog costume hilarious, it’s so easy to put together your very own “pure bread”!

DIY Wonder Bread Dog Costume

The caveat for this dog costume is your pup has to fit inside of the plastic bread package. Unfortunately, this means small dogs only. Simply, cut the top off of the Wonder Bread bag off and slip Fido inside. Then tie the tail with the bread twist tie and he’s all “bready” for Halloween!

Bread bag dog costumeImage found via Imgur

PETS: Beanie Baby Dog

If you did not know what a Beanie Baby was in 1997, I’m pretty sure you lived under a rock! They were everywhere, and for $5 you could buy one, hope it would make the retired list, and make millions!  Well, that last part isn’t entirely true, but it sure was fun to dream. Does anyone remember the purple Princess Diana bear? The Beanie Baby dog costume from Brit + Co wins best dog costume in my book, and you have to love that it’s as easy as printing out the free printable and trying it to Spot’s collar.


Beanie Baby Dog Cotsume

PETS: DIY Flower pet costume

Turn your pooch or kitty into a flower for Halloween with this simple DIY flower pet costume or “flower necklace”!  The flower attaches around your pets collar with velcro! It’s made out of felt and you can make it any color you’d like. You will find a sunflower or petal pattern as a free download on Martha Stewarts website with a complete tutorial for putting this costume together.

DIY Flower pet costume

PETS: DIY ET and Elliot costume

How cute are these DIY ET and Elliot costumes? It’s the purr-fect costume for pet lovers (pun intended)! All you need is a red hooded sweater and jeans. Fido just needs a white dish towel and a dangling Reeses Pieces packet from the basket. The basket is an important accessory too… just add bike handles to a black crate! Adorable!

DIY Elliot and ET costumes

Love the costume, Rachelle and Gigi! See more ET and Elliot costume deets at C.R.A.F.T. And here are lots more clever DIY pet costumes!

PETS: DIY dog dinosaur costume

Call me cal does not share the costume making details of the DIY dog dinosaur costume, but I think I can help. You can buy a plain Green dog hoodie from Amazon for less than $10. Then use felt to add spots, armor, teeth and eyes. You can sew the felt on your just use glue! Easy!

DIY dog dinosaur costume

DOGS: Crochet pot of gold hat

How cute is this crocheted pot of hold hat for your pooch on St. Patrick’s Day?! You can buy the handmade hat from Sweethoots on Etsy for $22. You can even order the same hat f or your self and match your dog, ha!

Crochet pot of gold hat

See all of the adoreable animal hats in Sweethoot’s Etsy store!

PETS: DIY Cupid pet costume

Turn your pup into cupid this Valentines Day! And for extra cheese grab a baby and dress him in hearts, like he’s been struck by cupid! Oh the cuteness! Krystle used an empty toilet paper roll and chop sticks for the arrows to make the arrow holder for her dog.

DIY Cupid pet costumeSee the complete instructions to make your own DIY cupid pet costume here.

PETS: DIY Valentine scarf for dog

Acute designs whipped up an adorable DIY valentine scarf for her pup for sport for heart day! It’s a new sew project and all you need is felt, fabric, and fabric glue! Valentine’s Day is only one month away! It’s the perfect heart day accessory for any pet!

DIY Valentine scarf for dog


See the full DIY Valentine scarf tutorial here.


DOGS: DIY Dog pinata costume

Mindy turned her pooch into the perfect pinata! And she made the whole things from scratch. Here’s how:

Mindy said, “I sewed the body with felt and interfacing and then cut out crepe paper streamers and glued them to the body. Then I made a head out of felt and cardboard. The head is strapped to his body with Velcro. There is also a little strap attached to the head so that I can help hold up the head, but it also acts as a string to hang him up as though he is a real pinata!”

DIY Dog pinata costume

You can a little 9 second video of Mindy’s pup walking in his adorable pinata costume here. Oh and if you liked this post, be sure and check out this DIY dog pinata costume and handmade adult pinata costume too!

PETS: DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

I love a cute pup in an even cuter sweater and this one is absolutely perfect!  I have to disagree about the ugliness factor because it’s so cute!  Sew DoggyStyle came up with this adorable DIY ugly Christmas sweater vest for her pup using a piece of red sweater material, dark brown felt, green glitter fabric or transfer sheet, mini poms, star patch, bone patches and a little bit of string.  She then attached it to a handmade turtle-neck to complete the “ugliness”.

diy ugly christmas sweater

You can view this tutorial here and many more fun DIY projects for your pets on her blog here