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ADULTS: Handmade Ugly Sweater

Pattie whipped up this awesome handmade ugly sweater out of five thrift store ugly Christmas ties! My very favorite part? She used fabric tape to tape the ties onto the sweater. It’s no sew, y’all!  Greatness! See the complete handmade ugly Christmas sweater tutorial over at I Love to Create!

Handmade Ugly Sweater

BABY: Ugly sweater diy

Don’t forget about baby at the ugly Christmas sweater party! How cute is this tiny elf onesie for baby? Refunk the junk embellished a red and green onesie just for baby! See the full ugly sweater diy here.

Baby ugly sweater DIY


For more really awesome ugly Christmas sweater ideas check out this Christmas tree, theseTexas inspired tacky sweaters, and lots more DIY ugly sweater ideas!

ADULTS: DIY Ugly Sweater

It’s ugly Christmas sweater party season… Whahoo! This Star Trek inspired ugly sweater is pretty clever… Trek the halls! I love that she cut up a Spock coloring page to create this sweater. For the full DIY ugly sweater tutorial check out Punk Projects!

DIY Ugly Sweater


For lots more ugly sweater ideas, check out this post.

KIDS: DIY Girls Snowman Outfit

How fun is this little girls snowman outfit for some cute holiday pictures? I love that she used the pictures for her Christmas card! Soho Sonnet crafted up this adorable outfit complete with a tiny hat, scarf, and an awesome tulle tutu! Best of all, the white tutu can be used for dress up afterwards! I love all of the little details, like the red rosette and berries on the hat!


DIY Girls Snowman Outfit

See a step by step tutorial for the DIY girls snowman outfit details over at Soho Sonnet.

KIDS: DIY Snowman tutu

Kim at Leafy Tree Tops created this adorable DIY snowman tutu for her daughter to wear for their Christmas card photos and it looks so easy to recreate.  She of course made the white tutu using tulle and elastic ribbon then created the rest of the snowman outfit using a white leotard, circles cut from black felt, white tights, boots, a scarf and she also created the hat from felt as well.  Such an adorable snowman!

diy snowman tutu

Go check out the full tutorial with additional photos here 

BABIES: DIY feather headband

Switching gears this month to show off some Thanksgiving and Christmas themed costumes and starting off with this adorable DIY feather headband created by Kelli Murray for her little one.  It’s an adorable way to dress up your lil’ turkey day fan in a simple way but still completely festive! She shows you how to make it using some elastic, metallic rope trim, felt, pom balls and feathers.

diy feather headband

Visit Kelly Murray for the full tutorial with additional pictures

GROUPS: Handmade Nativity Costumes

Gold Feathers and her sister in law made all of the cousins these adorable handmade nativity costumes for Christmas. They used left over fabric from her stash, and the claim there barley any sewing involved! My favorite kind of handmade costumes!


Here is a a wise man, Joseph, and an angel:

Handmade nativity scene costumes

Here is Mary and 2 shepherds:

Handmade nativity scene costumes

See all of the nativity scene costume deets and lots more pictures at Gold Feathers.

25 handmade group halloween costume ideas

Looking for clever handmade group Halloween costume ideas?! I’ve rounded up 25 super creative, handmade group halloween costume ideas for families, friends, co-workers, or whoever else you can gather to dress up with you this year!

Tons of great group Halloween costume ideas

1. Candy Land 

handmade family halloween costumes

2. Waldos and Wendas

Easy couple costume

3. Christmas Trees

group costume ideas

4.  Pinata + pinata stricker

group costume ideas5. Cast of Super Mario Brothers

group costume ideas

6. Super Mario Brothers

handmade mario and luigi costumes

7.  Ghost busters and ghost

group costume ideas

8. Farm (farmer, cow, rooster)

group costume ideas

9. Fred and Wilma

group costume ideas

10.  Smores

group costume ideas

11. Star Wars

group costume ideas

12. BLT

group costume ideas

13. Spice Girls

Handmade adult costumes

14. Jersey Shore cast (Snookie and her little boy, Lorenzo could be fun too)

group costume ideas

15. Paint Chips

group costume ideas

16. Wayne’s World

group costume ideas

17. Rock Paper Scissors

group costume ideas

 18. Tooth and Tooth Fairy

group costume ideas

19. Lego People

group costume ideas

20. Loofas

group costume ideas

21. Aces

group costume ideas

22. Words with Friends

group costume ideas

23. Snowmen (or ladies)

group costume ideas

24. Pac Man

group costume ideas

Easy adult Halloween costume
What’s your favorite group/ couple costume idea?

GROUPS: Candy Land Costumes

I love board games! How fun would it be for the whole fam to dress up in handmade Candy Land costumes?! Meaningful Mama did just that! Here’s the low down on how she put the 5 costumes together:

  • Lolly – Purchased a little ballet outfit and sewed on the blue trim. Used colorful iron-on patches that I cut into circles and stripes and ironed them on to the skirt to look like lollipops. Used puff paint to add swirls to the lollipops. The crown was purchased and colorful stones added with a hot glue gun. Attached butterfly wings to the back of the ballet outfit.
  • Princess Frostine – The princess dress was found at Goodwill, and she sewed the cape and attached it to the dress with a broach!
  • Grandma Nut – The wig, purple tights, and green shoes were all thrift store items. She added a peanut to the shoes with a hot glue gun. The orange dress was sleeveless, and found at Goodwill. She sewed matching orange fabric to create the puff sleeves and the  green collar.
  • Mr. Mint – She recycled a Waldo shirt from another costume, and added duck tape to an almost all white hat. Duck tape was also used for his socks and axe. The red pants were found at Goodwill, and  stamped with fabric paint and some Christmas stamps. She bought suspenders at Good Will and added a mint button I found at the fabric store. The scarf and fluffy sock cuffs I sewed together using red and white fabric. The yellow garden gloves are from the garage, and they purchased the clown shoes and nose at Goodwill.
  • Gingerbread man costume was purchased.

handmade family halloween costumes

See lots more of Meaningful Mama’s clever Halloween costumes on her blog!

KIDS: DIY kids cupcake costume

Michelle crafted up a DIY kids cupcake costume for little gril! And the cheery on top… it’s a no sew costume! Here are the deets:

  • Cupcake wrapper is a lamp shade turned upside down and spray painted pink
  • The cake part is a white shirt with poly-fil hot glued glued onto a t-shirt
  • Sprinkles are made from foam sheets
  • Hat is winter beanie with poly-fil glued on top decorated with sprinkles
  • Cherry is a Christmas bulb glued on

Check out Michelle’s daughters creative costume last year… I’ll give you a hint it starts with flip

DIY kids cupcake costume

And here’s a family of DIY dessert costumes and a puppy turned Hostess treat too!