GROUPS: Words with Friends costume

Group Halloween costumes are fun! This is a really awesome idea for a large group… co-workers, sorority, fraternity, or big group of friends! Best of all, it’s easy and cheap to make! If you haven’t heard of the game Words with Friends, check it out! It’s addicting!

All you need to make this Words with Friends group Halloween costume is black pants and a black top. Then grab some cardboard and cut out a square. Cut out 2 per person if you want your letter on your back too. Then use an XACTO knife to round the corners. Print out letters all the same size and font on the computer, cut out, and use glue to adhere each letter to each piece of cardboard! You can attach the letter square to your black shirt a bazillion different ways! Tape, clothes pins, or it can go over your neck with string!

How easy was that?!

Group Halloween costume ideas

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