DIY Donut Costume

Happy national donut day! In honor of the big day, we’re celebrating with 3 really awesome diy donut costumes for kids and adults!

3 DIY Donut costumes made out of innertubes

Cheryl made this donut costume out of an inner tube and paint.  She said the hardest things about it was finding an inner tube in late October! (Here’s an inner tube that would work great from for $6!) See the full tutorial on her blog, New House to Home.

DIY donut costume

Craftster has a really awesome donut video you can watch here. They also make the donut costume with an inner tube and spray paint. Make sure to use spray paint that works on plastic!

DIY donut costume

Here’s another version of a handmade donut costume also made from an inner tube, but worn around the waste with a t-shirt that says Dunkin’ Donuts!

DIY donut costume

Happy donut day!

Handmade Slurpee halloween costumes for kids

Char from Crap I’ve Made turned her cute kiddos into one of my favorite drinks, a Slurpee! She made the cup of the costumes out of automotive headliner fabric and lots latex paint! She downloaded the Slurpee font, and used her Silhouette to cut out a stencil for the letters. The straw is a pool noodle! I am super impressed with these life sized handmade Slurpee costumes!

Slurpee halloween costume

Check out Crap I’ve Made for more details on the handmade Slurpee costumes! This would make a fun group or couple costume too!

GROUPS: Handmade Smore Costumes

Mackenzie from Cheerios and Lattes made her family of four into s’mores! And the best part, she made the handmade s’more costumes out of cardboard boxes and paint. No thread and needles needed! Oh and that little marshmallow  it’s just 2 pillows and velcro… genius!

handmade smore costume

See all of the S’more family costume deets at Cheerios and Lattes. And if you like this tasty costume, you’ll love this handmade family of desserts Halloween costumes!

GROUPS: Candy Land Costumes

I love board games! How fun would it be for the whole fam to dress up in handmade Candy Land costumes?! Meaningful Mama did just that! Here’s the low down on how she put the 5 costumes together:

  • Lolly – Purchased a little ballet outfit and sewed on the blue trim. Used colorful iron-on patches that I cut into circles and stripes and ironed them on to the skirt to look like lollipops. Used puff paint to add swirls to the lollipops. The crown was purchased and colorful stones added with a hot glue gun. Attached butterfly wings to the back of the ballet outfit.
  • Princess Frostine – The princess dress was found at Goodwill, and she sewed the cape and attached it to the dress with a broach!
  • Grandma Nut – The wig, purple tights, and green shoes were all thrift store items. She added a peanut to the shoes with a hot glue gun. The orange dress was sleeveless, and found at Goodwill. She sewed matching orange fabric to create the puff sleeves and the  green collar.
  • Mr. Mint – She recycled a Waldo shirt from another costume, and added duck tape to an almost all white hat. Duck tape was also used for his socks and axe. The red pants were found at Goodwill, and  stamped with fabric paint and some Christmas stamps. She bought suspenders at Good Will and added a mint button I found at the fabric store. The scarf and fluffy sock cuffs I sewed together using red and white fabric. The yellow garden gloves are from the garage, and they purchased the clown shoes and nose at Goodwill.
  • Gingerbread man costume was purchased.

handmade family halloween costumes

See lots more of Meaningful Mama’s clever Halloween costumes on her blog!

PETS: DIY Sushi dog costume

Oh my cuteness! Stacie from The Flirty Blog is at is again, and this time with a DIY sushi dog costume. (She is also the mastermind behind the chia pet dog costume!) She made a white dog bib and covered a small cardboard box (a rice or marconi box would work out well for a small pup) with pink-ish paper, add some wasabi, ginger, chop sticks, and soy sauce and your pooch is ready to go!

DIY sushi dog costume

Oh and if you like the sushi dog costume, you’ll love the DIY baby sushi costume made from a onesie!

GROUPS: Spice Girls Costume

These handmade adult costumes certainly spice things up a bit, ha! (I’m cheesy and I like it!) I found this picture at Costume Works, and the six girls decided to go as The McCormick spice girls! The spices included:

  • paprika
  • cayenne pepper
  • cilantro
  • garlic salt
  • black pepper
  • cinnamon


Handmade adult costumes

They used cardboard, stencils and crayons to make their DIY spice girls costumes! I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want… to talk my girlfriends into being the Spice Girls for Halloween. (No pun intended, ha!)
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BABIES: DIY baby sushi costume

I love sushi! And I really love this itty bitty DIY baby sushi costume! The ginger and wasabi headband is adorable. It all started with a oneise and felt. You could hot glue or hand stitch the felt pieces onto the onesie.

diy baby sushi costume

See the full baby sushi costume details from Jenn. And here are lots of more baby costume ideas from onesies.

* If you liked this costume, be sure and check out the DIY sushi dog costume too!

GROUP: No Sew Dessert Costumes

Kristen from Capturing Joy made these tasty treat no sew Dessert costumes for her neighbors! There is a cupcake, donut, frosted animal cracker, and a chocolate chip cookie! And the nest part, all 4 costumes were made with hot glue and safety pins. Easy and yummy! Oh and if you have a pooch, turn Fido into a Hostess cupcake to round off the family of desserts!

no sew dessert costumes

See the full tutorial on how to make the no sew dessert family costumes at Capturing Joy.

PETS: DIY Hostess Pet Costume

Sew Doggy Style turned her pooch into a hostess cupcake! This DIY Hostess pet costume is so cute I want to take a bite! There is a complete tutorial on how to sew the brown dog “coat” and then you just paint on a Hostess swirl. Voila!


See the full Hostess cupcake dog costume tutorial at Sew Doggy Style.

PETS: DIY Hot Dog Pet Costume

Caron yarns crafted up this adorable DIY hot dog pet costume for Fido. I love the mustard. If it’s cold in October, your pooch might really appreciate this soft, snuggly coat on Halloween night!

diy hot dog pet costume

You can find the crochet pattern and material list for the DIY hot dog costume at Caron yarns.