BABIES: DIY Octopus costume

Bonnie turned her adorable 5 month baby girl into an Octopus for Halloween. I love the polka dot fabric choice and the felt pom pom’s as the octopus’ suckers! You can buy the pattern for the octopus belt at her etsy store!

DIY Octopus costume

BABIES: DIY chicken costume

Is your baby a spring chicken? Craft up a DIY chicken costume for your little nugget of love! Jessica used 2 white boas for the chicken feathers and rubber gloves as feet! Pretty clever if you ask me! Not to mention, adorable!

DIY chicken costume


Read more about how she made the DIY chicken costume at Living the swell life.

BABIES: DIY carrot costume

Need a super easy baby Halloween costume? Turn your baby into a carrot! All you need is an orange onesie, elastic and green tulle!  And the DIY carrot costume only involves about 5 hand stitches, to sew the elastic together! Oh don’t forget to make the “USDA organic” and “100% natural” stickers!

DIY carrot costume


See the complete DIY carrot tutorial here. If you like this costume, check out these 3 kid vegetable costumes!

BABIES: DIY Donut costume

It doesn’t get much cuter than a baby in a donut costume! And this is no sew donut costume… all you need is some felt, a handy dandy hot glue gun, and velcro to make this DIY donut costume! See the full donut costume tutorial at Smart School House.

DIY Donut costume


Here are 3 more DIY donut costumes made out of inner tubes for adults!

BABIES: DIY Where’s Waldo costume

Make it and Love it whipped up a simple, adorable DIY Where’s Walkdo costume for her baby! All you need is a white onesie, jeans, white beanie, black rimmed glasses and felt! You can make it less than an hour, y’all!

DIY Where's Waldo costume

See lots more cute Waldo pictures and the complete tutorial here.

BABIES: DIY Baby Ruth costume

It doesn’t get much sweeter than a baby in a candy bar costume! For this child I prayed use an all white sleep sack and red and blue felt to turn her adorable little one into a candy bar! You could either hot glue or sew the felt onto the white sleep sack to make the DIY Baby Ruth costume!

DIY Baby Ruth costume

BABIES: Baby Bob Ross Costume

Do you remember the awesome painter with his own TV show on PBS? He painted happy little trees and happy little clouds? Jamie crafted up a baby Bob Ross costume for your sweet little one! All you will need to buy or make is a brown, curly wig and a paint pallet!

Baby Bob Ross Costume


For the complete baby Bob Ross costume tutorial check out C.R.A.F.T.

COUPLES: DIY Annie costume

This is one of the cutest dad and daughter costumes I’ve ever seen. Ever! Ginalee made a DIY Annie costume for her daughter and Daddy Warbucks is looking pretty sharp too! The red curly wig is a the must have piece for the Annie costume along with a red dress, white stockings, and black dress shoes. Adorable!

DIY Annie costume


You can see more of Gina’s work on her photography website.

BABIES: DIY Pineapple costume

Rachel from Lines Across crafted up a no sew DIY pineapple costume for her cute son! She used a yellow onesie, felt and a hot glue gun to craft up this masterpiece!

DIY pineapple costume


See lots more pictures and a step by step tutorial here. And if you’re looking for more DIY food Halloween costumes, click here!

BABIES: DIY Panda costume

Jamie made her adorable baby a DIY panda bear costume without sewing!  All you need is a hot glue gun, 2 sheets of felt, black onesie, black pants, and a white hat. This costume is so easy to make, y’all! And best of all, after Halloween, just un pin the white oval from the onesie and the onesie is back to normal!

DIY Panda costume


See lots more pictures and a step by step tutorial here. If you’re in the market for DIY animal Halloween costumes, we’ve got tons more tutorials!