KIDS: Handmade pizza costume

Happy National cheese pizza day! In honor of the big day, we’re showcasing a handmade pizza costume! Who doesn’t love cheesy pizza? I know, I know, this is not a plain cheese pizza, but the topping make it so cute!  UCreate made this adorable pizza costume out of felt, fabric glue, and a little sewing! This is totally a costume that the kids could help make.

Handmade pizza costume


See the full handmade pizza tutorial over at UCreate!

KIDS: DIY Jellyfish costume


Here’s an easy, cute Halloween costume for your kiddo and the best part is, it is a no sew costume! Gotta love that! Traci from Creatively Inspired turned her sweet little girl into a jellyfish with just a sombrero, ribbon, bubble wrap, felt, and shimmery fabric! Oh and a good ol’ hot glue gun of course! How cute is she?

How to make a DIY Jellyfish costume

If you like this jellyfish costume, you’ll love this giant list of  36 more handmade animal costumes for kids and adults! For the complete DIY jellyfish costume visit Traci’s blog.

Really Awesome Costumes

KIDS: Handamde pirate costume

Welcome to the very first day of the 2013  Really Awesome Handmade Costume Series! Every day throughout the month of September we will have a new handmade costume tutorial here on Really Awesome Costumes! First up is a super cute handmade kid pirate costume and play set by Sarah over at Craft Quickies! I love that she added the play kit complete with a telescope… all pirates need a telescope! This is certainly the cutest little pirate I’ve ever seen!

Handmade pirate costume

Get the full pirate costume tutorial on her blog, Craft Quickies. And be sure to check back each day in September for a brand new really awesome costume tutorial! Only 58 more days until Halloween!

Really Awesome Costumes

KIDS: Homemade bee costume

Happy national honey bee day! Ruth made homemade bee costumes for her sweet little girl out of pillow cases! Then she found tooth fairy wings at the Dollar Store and dyed them black. The last necessary bee accessory was antennae… she made those out of a plastic headband, pipe cleaners, and pom poms! Black tights and black flats complete this adorable little bee!

Homemade bee costume

See more homemade bee costume pictures over at Living well, spending less.

KIDS: DIY Coppertone costume

This and the Starbuck’s frappuchino costumes are 2 of my very favorite handmade kid costumes! They’re so cute and clever! A Party Styled turned her blonde hair blue eyed baby into the iconic Coppertone baby with a tan body suit, blue undies, blue ribbons, and a stuffed dog! Ahhh-dooor-able and best of all, easy!

DIY coppertone baby costume

KIDS: Homemade little orphan Annie costume

I super love the movie, Annie. OK, fine I love anything Annie… broadway, songs, Sandy…  it’s such a sweet, optimistic show! Anyhow, how fun would it be to dress your little up in a homemade little orphan Annie costume? All you need is a red t-shirt, white paper collar, white belt, and of course you’ll need a crazy red wig. Oh and some cute little freckles would be awesome too. See all of the orphan Annie costume deets at Theatre Mania!

Homemade little orphan Annie costume

KIDS: DIY toilet costume

I bet you’ve never seen a DIY toilet costume before?! Mother and son created this costume together with white duck tape, an aluminum foil handle on a card board box, and a fresh new, foam toilet seat from their local home improvement store. I also love that the candy bag is doing double duty! The white trash bag is attached under the toilet seat rim so that the candy givers can open the lid and allow the candy to fall right into the bag, ha! The bag doubles to camouflage the boy’s lower body as a toilet! Perfect!

DIY toilet costume

See all of the DIY toilet costume deets here.

KIDS: DIY Starbucks halloween costume

Raise your hand if you love Starbucks? Me! Now would you turn your kiddo into your favorite beverage? You have to admit that thus grande frappuchino is pretty dang cute! The details (and that cute face) are what make this costume extra special… I love the straw headband and the nutrion facts candy bag… ah- freakin-dorable!

DIY Starbucks halloween costume

There are no instructions but you can see the back of the on the DIY Starbucks halloween costume on the Startbucks website.

Handmade owl costumes

Owls are known for their distinct calls, nocturnal habits and silent flight. nocturnal habits and silent flight flight an owl the perfect Halloween costume! Here are 5 different versions of handmade owl costumes for kids and adults!

1. Owl Halloween costume made out of a sweat shirt

handmade owl costume

2. Owl costume made out of a pillow case

handmade owl costume

3. No sew baby owl costume

No Sew Baby Owl Costume


4. DIY baby owl costume from a onesie

diy baby owl costume

5. Handmade colorful owl wings

handmade owl costumes


KIDS: DIY vegetable costumes

Happy National Vegetable day, friends! In honor of the big day, I’ve rounded up 3 really awesome diy vegetable costumes.

Handmade vegetable halloween costumes

1. Check out this link for a detailed DIY baby carrot costume tutorial. If you’re looking for an adult costume, check out this tutorial.

DIY carrot costume

2. Tomato

diy veggie costume

3. Broccoli

diy veggie costume for kids

What’s your favorite vegetable?