KIDS: Handmade wagon costume

Halloween costume parades are fun, and what better way to  ensure  your kiddo stays in the wagon than to cage ’em in the sucker, ha! Just kidding about that, but isn’t this handmade wagon costume genius! I wish I knew who actually made this, but I loved the costume so much I’ve saved these 2  pictures on my computer for years (pre pinterest era!). Basically it’s just a painted card board box with a hole cut out for the kid’s head. Oh and the picture on the camera screen is a must!

handmade costume for a wagon

And here is the front 0f the camera, complete with a lens:

handmade costume for a wagon

This had to have won a costume parade, right? I love it!

Psst… Here are 29 DIY Halloween costumes for kids!

GROUPS: Handmade Smore Costumes

Mackenzie from Cheerios and Lattes made her family of four into s’mores! And the best part, she made the handmade s’more costumes out of cardboard boxes and paint. No thread and needles needed! Oh and that little marshmallow  it’s just 2 pillows and velcro… genius!

handmade smore costume

See all of the S’more family costume deets at Cheerios and Lattes. And if you like this tasty costume, you’ll love this handmade family of desserts Halloween costumes!

ADULTS: Paper Doll Costume

How fun is this paper doll costume for Halloween? Megan from the Brassy Apple crafted up this really awesome paper doll costume for her daughter. She used foam core board, XACTO, spray adhesive, and fabric! Oh and don’t forget the most important part, the tabs!

DIY adult costume

Megan gives a handy tip, “Don’t make the dress too long, it’s hard to walk with a stiff dress hitting your knees!” See all of the handmade paper doll costume details at The Brassy Apple. I think this would be a super fun costume for a big group! Don’t you?

ADULTS: Captain Recycle Costume

Happy Earth Day! Even though I think everyday is Earth Day, this is the prefect day for Rich’s handmade Captain Recycle costume. This one is pretty easy, just do a little dive into your recycle bin for some plastic bags, banan peels, and cardboard. Oh and you’ll need a green sweat suit to make the captain recycle costume!

Clever handmade adult costume

COUPLES: Mary Poppins and Bert Costumes

Leigh Ann from Your Homebased Mom put together these awesome handmade Mary Poppins and Bert costumes with items from her wardrobe and a few thrift store goodies. Her skirt, blouse, red bag, hat and Bert’s vest came from a thrift store.  Mary Poppins’s hat got a few coats of spray paint and some Dollar Store flowers! Oh and you might want to carry around a spoonful of sugar ; )

Mary Poppins and Bert Costumes

Check out the clever Mary Poppins and Bert adult costumes details at The Homebased Mom.

ADULTS: Grandpa Costume

This is one easy DIY adult Halloween costume to put together last minute. And we totally could have spruced Grandpa up a little bit. Essential costume items include crazy pants from a thrift store, belt, white t-shirt, funky hat, long socks, slippers, and pillows (for the belly)! If we did it again, we’d add glasses and a handkerchief to the jacket pocket. Oh and a cane would be awesome.

Easy adult Halloween costume

How fun would it be to have a big group of grandma’s and grandpas! See more DIY old man costume deets at C.R.A.F.T.

KIDS: Flip Flop

Who said you can’t wear flip flops year round?! Michelle made her daughter a handmade flip flop costume out of cardboard, fabric, glue, and a pool noodle! Genius!

handmade flip flop costume

See all of the handmade flip flop costume details on C.R.A.F.T.

KIDS: DIY kids cupcake costume

Michelle crafted up a DIY kids cupcake costume for little gril! And the cheery on top… it’s a no sew costume! Here are the deets:

  • Cupcake wrapper is a lamp shade turned upside down and spray painted pink
  • The cake part is a white shirt with poly-fil hot glued glued onto a t-shirt
  • Sprinkles are made from foam sheets
  • Hat is winter beanie with poly-fil glued on top decorated with sprinkles
  • Cherry is a Christmas bulb glued on

Check out Michelle’s daughters creative costume last year… I’ll give you a hint it starts with flip

DIY kids cupcake costume

And here’s a family of DIY dessert costumes and a puppy turned Hostess treat too!

KIDS: Pot of Flowers

Bobbie from Clumsy Crafter turned her adorable little girl into an extra cute pot of flowers! She made the flower pot Halloween  costume with a large bucket, fake flowers, a jump rope, and tape. And voila… the cutest pot of flowers you’ve ever seen!


flower pot halloween costume

See the step by step tutorial on how to make DIY flower pot costume on the Clumsy Crafter.

GROUP: No Sew Dessert Costumes

Kristen from Capturing Joy made these tasty treat no sew Dessert costumes for her neighbors! There is a cupcake, donut, frosted animal cracker, and a chocolate chip cookie! And the nest part, all 4 costumes were made with hot glue and safety pins. Easy and yummy! Oh and if you have a pooch, turn Fido into a Hostess cupcake to round off the family of desserts!

no sew dessert costumes

See the full tutorial on how to make the no sew dessert family costumes at Capturing Joy.