ADULT: DIY American Idol Costume

Here is an awesome idea for a clever, easy last minute adult DIY costume! Love it or hate it, everyone has heard of the TV show, American Idol!  And for one day of the year, you too can embrace your inner voice and pretend you earned a golden ticket and made it to Hollywood!

In my opinion, the best part of this costume is you can wear your own clothes. Just make your hair cute, I mean you were just auditioning to be on American Idol, ha! The other important part of this costume, are these 2 printables. No worries, I’m making this the world’s easiest Halloween costume, and whipped up the 2 prinatbles for free for you to download!

Download the {American Idol number printable here}

Download the {“You made it to Hollywood” ticket here}

Oh and be sure and print the “You made it to Hollywood” ticket on golden colored paper!

DIY American Idol contestant costume

And just a side note, this costume idea came from a friend of a friend at a 2012 Halloween party in Ft. Lauderdale! She was also a pro at doing the “I made it to Hollywood” squeal!