BABIES: DIY koala costume

DIY koala costume

Koala bears are hands down one of the cutest animals ever! And this DIY koala costume on baby Maxwell makes my heart melt. I am a little biased, since I'm his mama! As for the making of the costume, it is so easy! The mask, round white, belly, and felt feet are the only parts to actually make. And it's all made out of felt! I also love that after Halloween you still have a grey onesie and pants to wear all winter long!   Here are lots more pictures and the full tutorial on how to … [Continue reading...]

COUPLES: If you give a mouse a cookie costume

DIY Mouse and Cookie costume

I love the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie… and what a fun costume idea to do with a friend, significant other or even a mom/baby costume! The DIY mouse costume is made mostly out of felt, and the DIY cookie costume is made out of a brown paper bag. So not only […]

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GROUPS: Harold and the Purple Crayon Costumes

Harold and the Purple Crayon Costumes

Harold and the Purple Crayon is a classic kids book! And I love that this family and Grandmother crafted up costumes in honor the book! The stuffed purple crayon complete with the purple cord is the perfect prop for Harold and the Purple Crayon costumes! To make the purple crayon drawings on mom and dad’s t-shirts […]

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ADULTS: DIY Operation game costume

DIY Operation game costume

I know you remember the board game, Operation, and that crazy loud “Bzzzzz” when you touch your operating stick to the side of the game while trying to extract a bone! This Arizona women turned herself into a living board game with a skin colored shirt and tights. She cut out bones and organs from […]

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KIDS: DIY Queen Elsa costume

DIY Queen Elsa costume

Sarah made her daughters day with this DIY Queen Elsa costume!  Her daughter won’t “let it go, let it go”… she wears the Elsa dress all day, every day! I love that the costume actually started out as an apron. That means it will fit for much longer! See the full costume tutorial and lots […]

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ADULTS: Handmade pinata costume

Handamde pinata costume

Catherine turned herself into a living pinata for Halloween! She crafted up the handmade pinata costume out of a nude American Apparel dress and used hot glue to glue down strips of crepe paper to her dress. She did 3 rows of each color. The donkey tail is just made by tying a few long […]

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KIDS: DIY Alfalfa costume

DIY Alfalfa costume

Everyone remembers Alfalfa, who had a crush on Darla, from the movie, The Little Rascals, right?! This is fun and simple DIY Alfalfa costume is easy to put together with pieces from your kiddos closet and a bow tie (you can pick one of these up at any thrift store). Make sure you add freckles with […]

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KIDS: DIY Zoltar costume

DIY Zoltar costume

The DIY Zoltar costume would be a great kid or adult costume! Sadly, I bet a lot of kids don’t remember Zoltar! I remember it from the movie, Big. This is another really awesome handmade costume by Arlene (who also made this amazing DIY airplane costume). She used the same technique with cardboard and butcher paper […]

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5 handmade sushi costumes

DIY sushi costumes for everyone!

If you’re a sushi lover, here’s the perfect costume for you! Best of all, we’ve rounded up 5 handmade sushi costumes perfect for every member of the family, including your pooch! Check ‘em out: 1. DIY sushi kid costume   2. Handmade sushi costume for a dog: 3. Sushi costume for a baby: 4. DIY […]

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KIDS: DIY Sushi costume

DIY Sushi costume

Love sushi? How about a crafting up a DIY Sushi costume for your kiddos? This is one impressive costume, and I love that  Style me pretty has detailed instructions about how to make this handmade sushi costume. It all starts with circles of cardboard wrapped in white fabric! Oh and don’t forget the ginger and wasabi […]

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