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DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Looking for some really awesome DIY ugly Christmas sweater inspiration? Look no further! ! There are some great ideas for everyone including the pregnant belly, baby, and even pups! Here are 32 tacky Christmas sweaters that will not disappoint! Click the picture below or THIS LINK for links to all of the tutorials!

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

ADULTS: Ruduloph Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are just around the corner, and this ugly sweater is actually kind of cute! And a dun DIY project! Angie turned her sweater into a life size Rudolph the red nose reindeer complete with giant google eyes! See the step by step Rudolph ugly Christmas sweater tutorial here.

Ruduloph Ugly Christmas Sweater


For more really awesome ugly Christmas sweater ideas check out this Christmas tree, these Texas inspired tacky sweaters, and lots more DIY ugly sweater ideas!

GROUPS: DIY Christmas tree costumes

The same ladies who whipped up these awesome snow WOmen costumes also crafted up these DIY Christmas tree costumes for a holiday party. Grab a green sparkly dress and add tiny bulb ornaments to the skirt wit ha rad shash around the waist. Black tights and a black turtle neck are sure to keep you warm while looking good as a Christmas tree! I think a headband with a star would be a great addition!


DIY Christmas tree costumes

ADULT: DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly/Tacky Christmas sweater parties are so fun and can bring out the most creative, festive outfits I’ve ever seen over the holidays.  This DIY ugly Christmas sweater is super easy to create and if it’s not “ugly” enough you can for sure add more to it.  Erika showed this photo on a post where she did a fun tutorial for a DIY dog sweater so she didn’t write a tutorial but it looks easy enough.  From what I can see you just need some mini Christmas ornaments, a bow and a sweatshirt in any color you choose then attach the items by sewing or hot gluing them on in a tree pattern.  You could even step it up a notch and not only make it “ugly” but also noisy if you did bells in place of some of the ornaments!  Get creative and have fun!

diy ugly christmas sweater

Check out additional tutorials on Erika’s blog here. If you liked this post, check out this DIY ugly Christmas tree sweater and don’t forget about your pup!

COUPLES: DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It’s tacky Christmas sweater party time! And I’ve got a great ugly sweater set for ya today. It’s a DIY Texas themed tacky sweater set, complete with cacti, a giant Texas flag, and of course, Christmas lights! All you need is a pair of thrift store sweaters and Tulip fabric paint to recreate these masterpieces. This lovely sweater set is extra special because Jamie is pregnant, and if you look closely, the giant ornament on her sweater has 3 cacti on it to represent her, her husband, and the baby in the belly. Aww…

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

See the complete DIY ugly Christmas sweater tutorial at C.R.A.F.T. And if you liked this post be sure to check out the DIY Christmas tree sweater and the DIY ugly Christmas sweater for your pups!

ADULT: DIY Ugly Christmas Dress

Crazy in Crafts came up with a different variation of the “Ugly” Christmas sweater idea and turned it into a dress.  She created this DIY ugly Christmas dress using a thrifted dress, Christmas bows plus red, green and silver ribbon/tinsel.  She hot glued the items on her dress and then added fun jewelry and a headband to finish off the look.  Perfect for any holiday party and sure to win you a prize!

diy ugly christmas dress

Additional photos and a full tutorial can be found on Crazy in Crafts

ADULTS: DIY Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater

This is by far the best DIY ugly Christmas tree sweater I’ve ever seen. Heathiepants posted this picture on instagram almost a year ago, and it’s shown up all over pinterest! I love that she utilized her whole body and when she raises her arms the tree is formed… perfect! She added a mini hula hoop to the bottom of her Wal Mart sweat shirt to make it flair out just right! Another great thing, this is a no sew sweater, she used safety pins to pin the garland, bells, and tinsel onto her sweater!


DIY Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater


Read more about how she made her ugly really clever Christmas tree sweater here. If you like this ugly sweater, check out the DIY ugly Christmas sweater for dogs too!

PETS: DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

I love a cute pup in an even cuter sweater and this one is absolutely perfect!  I have to disagree about the ugliness factor because it’s so cute!  Sew DoggyStyle came up with this adorable DIY ugly Christmas sweater vest for her pup using a piece of red sweater material, dark brown felt, green glitter fabric or transfer sheet, mini poms, star patch, bone patches and a little bit of string.  She then attached it to a handmade turtle-neck to complete the “ugliness”.

diy ugly christmas sweater

You can view this tutorial here and many more fun DIY projects for your pets on her blog here

ADULTS: DIY Candy Cane Costume

If ugly sweaters aren’t your thing… how about dressing up a like a giant candy cane, ha! The giant candy will certainly make you stand out at at the ugly Christmas sweater party. And all you need is red cardboard, white Duck Tape, and X-ACTO and a red dress. This costume takes about 15 minutes to make! Here are all of the DIY candy cane costume details. Oh and you’re significant other could be a giant reindeer!

DIY Candy Cane CostumeIn case

ADULTS: DIY Reindeer Sweater

These full body ugly sweater costumes are pretty dang amazing! The full arm reindeer antlers are made out of panty hose, ha!  Joe and Heathiepants totally win the ugly Christmas sweater costume award in my book!

DIY Reindeer Sweater


Check out his girlfriends awesome full body Christmas tree outfit:

DIY Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater